About Anaphora

We offer a powerful combination of expertise and passion.

Anaphora is a Swiss communications and consulting boutique. We stand for prime quality and expertise in our field. Our clients benefit from our expertise in several industries coupled with business acumen, passion, and research knowledge. We draw on a wealth of experience in corporate development, research, adult education, and international project management, and we cooperate with select experts and partners from different sectors nationally and internationally to provide our clients with the best possible service for their needs. Depending on your project and needs, we serve you either in-house, remotely, or flexibly in blended formats.

Values translate into results

We combine the strengths of different disciplines to ensure you reach your goal.

  • Science – We apply insights from research to practice.

  • Expertise – We have extensive experience in different industries.
  • Passion – Everything we do, we do with passion.

Our wide range of expertise ensures your decisions will lead to success.


Our mission is making communication and development across borders possible and opening new opportunities. We increase our clients’ success by means of professional communication, strategic changes, and reliable partnerships.

Our clients should be enabled to take informed decisions and effectively realize them. This requires highest precision and comprehensive and relevant knowledge. Our scientific background and experience in research allow us to provide this.

Our experience in project management, business development, and intercultural cooperation on local and international stages as well as in professional training spans several sectors. This broad experience gives us the expertise we need to understand and ultimately resolve our clients’ needs and challenges.

Everything we do, we do with passion. Passion fosters creativity and perseverance. Our commitment enables us to move mountains particularly when tasks seem unsurmountable.

Excellence and trust are of highest importance to us. We promise our clients the best possible result. Our goal is highest commitment and client satisfaction.

Anaphora’s Team of Experts

We will move your company forward!

Dr. Danae Perez
Dr. Danae PerezCommunication & Interculturality
Course topics

Our Network

Cooperating with selected experts

Anaphora consists of a team of specialists with international experience. We leverage an international network and cooperate with selected consultants, freelancers, and companies in different sectors and countries. Our clients can thus rely on a wealth of expert know-how and cooperation opportunities.

What clients say about Anaphora

“It’s been the second time I had the pleasure of participating in one of your courses on “report writing for social workers”. By means of many examples from practice that you include in your course and explain, the knowledge learned can be effectively by applied in everyday tasks. You take questions by course participants very seriously and respond their inquiries. You explain solutions and give examples on how to bring a complex topic to paper. Thanks to your courses, it becomes possible to meet the high demands of writing texts for administrative bodies. Thank you very much and all the best.”

Lukas Amsler, Integration Consultant

“The follow-up of the course “report writing for social workers” with Danae Perez was an enrichment for our consultants. She understood our organization well and adjusted her expert input to our internal templates. Astonishing, how refreshing an instruction to writing better can be!”

Tatjana Lambrinoudakis, Canton of Aargau - AWA

Open Positions at Anaphora

We are happy to discuss options of cooperating with partners who stand for our values.

We are interested in cooperating with competent partners and committed personalities. The cooperation can be based on specific mandates or take the shape of partnerships on an equal footing. If you are interested in such a cooperation or advise clients as an independent consultant, there are different ways of cooperating with us. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss options. We look forward to hearing from you!