Everything boils down to language.

Dr. Danae Perez 2021

Danae is a versatile language expert specialized in world languages. She has a background in academia and the corporate world, and her research has been published by renowned international editorial houses. Danae lectures in multilingual communication at ZHAW and provides top-level language services at Anaphora. When it comes to putting complex content into clear and convincing words, she is the one to ask.

Text Services

Your text is your voice. We tailor your texts and polish your language to ensure your message is heard. Danae creates your perfect text either from scratch or from a draft.

Text services of highest quality

creating revising editing
résumés motivation letters executive summaries
grant applications reports papersarticles abstracts summaries
media releases websites landing pages marketing materials e-mailsnewsletters
translations and transcreations content creation speeches

Focus languages:
English German Spanish
Other languages:
French Italian Portuguese


Increase your persuasive power and success by refining your language use. Danae helps you fully embrace and expand your repertoire, including effective trans-languaging and code-switching. For specific occasions, Danae also creates the wording of your speeches, negotiations, and panels.


English German French Swiss German
Spanish Portuguese
Focus languages:
English German Spanish Swiss German

language coaching communication evaluation argumentation pronunciation
idiomatic language use Business Englishlanguage use in Switzerland
speeches and presentations rhetoric writing and reporting
translanguaging code-switching


Danae increases your and your team’s communicative efficiency on different levels. She enhances your team communication, intercultural competence, and value-free language use. And she trains you in how to succinctly write e-mails, reports, and applications.


writing and reporting team communication e-mail communication
Business English conversation practice argumentation interviewing
intercultural communication intercultural awareness value-free language use
politically correct languagelanguage use in Switzerland

English German French Swiss German
Spanish Portuguese
Focus languages:
English German Spanish Swiss German

Because language reflects quality.