Exclusive investment opportunities

Anaphora maintains strong ties with experts in various investment areas. Locally and globally. Our excellent contacts and partners allow us to give our clients access to customized cross-border investment opportunities. We personally assist and advise you in finding the right investment solution for you.

Investment Opportunities

In Switzerland, Real Estate and Private Equity investments are particularly interesting, and it is a global hub for venture capitalists and start-up investors. We facilitate exclusive connections and networking opportunities for you to explore your possibilities to invest here in Switzerland and across borders.

Investment Opportunities in Switzerland
Swiss Wealth Management Services

Swiss Wealth Management

Thanks to our independence and specialized network, we partner with excellent financial service providers to find the best solution for your assets in Switzerland. Our partners assist you in planning wealth, asset protection structures, family foundations, and bank account openings in Switzerland, among others.


Tax & Legal Advisory

Switzerland offers unique legal stability. Within our network, we count on the backup of excellent legal service providers, trust and fiduciary service providers, tax advisors, and notaries, to take care of your challenges, such as company founding, inheritance and succession planning, residency rights, and many more. 

Swiss Tax Optimization
Swiss Healthcare

Swiss Healthcare

In cooperation with our specialized partners, we open the doors to one of the world’s best health care systems. Our excellent network in the healthcare sector offers discreet and comprehensive solutions to take care of you, including interpreters and transportation.


Settle in Switzerland

Settling in Switzerland is an investment for the future. We help you manage the challenges and ensure you have trustworthy partners to juggle every task at hand. Financial structuring, visa issues, residency and real estate, transportation, and educational matters will be taken care of by us and by our specialists.

Move to Switzerland

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