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Enhance the communicative competence of your employees!

Happier employees thanks to confident and stress-free writing 

Happier clients thanks to communicative etiquette

Professional image thanks to clear and elegant texts 

Efficient cooperation in teams thanks to goal-oriented communication

Increased cost efficiency thanks to fast and effective communication

Employees increasingly face serious communicative challenges. The need for specialized communication, new technical tools, as well as models of new work and agile project management demand higher communicative skills both within the team as well as across teams and with clients. In our workshops, your employees learn the right communicative competences to deliver their work efficiently, productively, and in a way that promotes team spirit.

Our workshops are truly custom-made.

Choose the contentslanguagesformatgoalslengthsizelocation that meet your needs.

Dr. Danae Perez tailors all workshops to your needs. And she teaches them personally.

Dr. Danae Perez 2021
Danae is an expert for: intercultural competencelanguage policiesteam communication digital communicationBusiness Englishinternational communicative practicescommunicative practices in Switzerlandpolitically correct languagenon-evaluative languagediverse languagewritten communicationbusiness e-mailsreport writingtext structuringpresentationsinterviewing

She is a versatile language expert with extensive experience in research and the corporate world. She has been researching intercultural communication and language contact for over a decade and has published her results by the most renowned international publishers. Due to her broad experience coupled with scientific expertise, Danae offers prime consulting and language services and supports your team with knowledge and skills. She will enhance your team’s communicative skills, efficiency, and intercultural competences to increase their performance and refine your company’s professional image.


With which topics do we advance your team?

Professional Writing and Speaking

Professional language increases efficiency and power of persuasion. And it can be learned. Increase your own efficiency and persuade with clarity and style. We equip you with knowledge and skills based on both scientific research and corporate experience.

Business English

Refine your performance on the international stage and persuade within and beyond the organization with precise and specialized English. We will provide you with the necessary tools.

Team Communication

Efficient team communication without misunderstandings. Save time and energy by means of explicit and respectful language in discussions, e-mails, and meetings.

Language Practices in Switzerland

For your international team, knowing Switzerland’s linguistic and cultural practices may bring you the crucial advantage. We introduce you to the important and subtle cultural and linguistic practices for you to not put your foot in it.

International Communicative Practices

Does your team feel insecure in an international environment? We prepare your team for the international stage and help them communicate with confidence and style. Networking and cooperation will become a home game.

Text Structuring

We help you structure your texts and templates for you to write efficiently and fast.

Templates and Reports

Structure is the key to a convincing text. With a thoroughly thought-through template, your reports will be written in an instant.

Result Presentation

Communicate complex results in a clear and convincing way. As a presentation, a report, or a publication.

Intercultural Competence

Enhance your intercultural competence to enrich your cooperation.

Non-Evaluative Language

Describing issues without evaluation is an art – and in many fields, it is actually a must!


Turn diversity into your strength thanks to respectful and inclusive language.

Conflict-Free Communication

Learn how to professionally master complex and emotional situations.

Inclusive Language

Practice inclusive language and professional wordings to successfully navigate sensitive issues.

Digital Communication

Netiquette – etiquette on the Internet – has become crucial in the digital era. We will introduce you to the most common dos and don’ts on the Internet. A few effectful formulations will allow you to handle e-mails and Social Media in no time.


E-Mails are the foundation of corporate communication. Learn how to efficiently and competently compose e-mails – even complex content can be typed in an instant.

Social Media

Posts and contributions to Social Media target a broad audience. Learn how to professionally represent your company online using Social Media to your advantage.

Virtual Communication

No matter if your word is spoken or written: virtual communication follows its own rules. We ensure you communicate professionally online, with or without a camera.

With which languages do we advance your team?

Focus Languages
Danae advises you in her focus languages English, German, and Spanish. In these languages, she guarantees professionalism and experience in various fields. She also speaks French, Portuguese, and Swiss German and gladly supports your team multilingually.
Further Languages

In addition to the three focus languages, Danae also speaks French, Portuguese, and Swiss German. Further languages and scientific knowledge can be included depending on your needs and team composition.

In which format do we advance your team?


If you wish, Danae holds the workshops in your offices or in a suitable meeting or lecture room. We will decide on the location depending the group of participants.

Sometimes it makes sense to present parts of a workshop online while holding other parts in-house. We offer a flexible solution that is tailored to your needs in order to best meet the goals.

Danae has extensive experience teaching, advising, and presenting online. She will gladly teach the workshop over your preferred channel.

Contact us! We will organize the perfect workshop for your team.

Mauro Moretto 2020
Mauro Moretto will gladly advise you.

Mauro is a communications specialist. He coordinates our services and the cooperation with clients and partner. He speaks English, German, Italian, and Swiss German.

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