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What does Anaphora stand for?

We are a team of service-oriented linguists. We rely on precise communication and agile project management, and we put our clients’ goals first. It is our mission to enable prime communication by putting our competencies at the service of our clients. We draw on a wealth of experience in business development, research, and adult education, and we count on a network of select partners to provide our clients with customized solutions. We work on site, hybrid, and remote formats.

What does Anaphora mean?

The term Anaphora stems from Ancient Greek meaning “to carry back” or “to refer to something that was said before”. Today, it has several related meanings that describe our work at Anaphora: In linguistics, Anaphora refers to the implicit relationship between elements within the same text. This connection is a complex cognitive process unique to human language and a challenge to machines. In rhetoric, anaphora is emphasis given by means of repetition. In Modern Greek, anaphora is a report.

A Network of Specialists

We are experienced with agile procedures and collaborate closely with clients and partners while also leveraging a network of experts.

The Anaphora Team

Mauro Moretto
Mauro MorettoManaging Director
Languages: English, German, Italian
Dr. Danae Perez
Dr. Danae PerezConsultant
Languages: English, German, Spanish
Lisa Gubler
Lisa GublerConsultant
Languages: English, German, French


We work with clients from different sectors. Among our clients are companies of all sizes as well as charities and governmental institutions. We make our clients’ goals our own and efficiently elaborate the best possible solution. We are particularly experienced in communicating across different disciplines, stakeholders, and mindsets.


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“I have high expectations of service providers, and every time I work with Anaphora, I am pleased by how fast Mauro Moretto understands our needs and manages to deliver the service I am looking for. Their commitment to excellent services gives me the trust I need to have in a reliable outsourcing partner.”

Galina Sato, CEO Granite Group

“Anaphora helped us formulate specific texts and identify client benefits in comparison to our competitors. This enabled us to convince our client more quickly of our services and ultimately win them. Thank you Dr. Danae Perez!”

Bilâl Tahris, CEO ARTEK AG
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“Danae completely understood the brief and fed back quicker than the timescale agreed. I would not hesitate to use her services again. Very professional and extremely easy to work with.”

Arun Sondhi, HammersmithLondon
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“The follow-up of the course ‘report writing for social workers’ with Danae Perez was an enrichment for our consultants. She understood our organization well and adjusted her expert input to our internal templates. Astonishing, how refreshing an instruction to writing better can be!”

Tatjana Lambrinoudakis, Canton of Aargau - AWA

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Mauro Moretto

Managing Director

Open Positions at Anaphora

We are happy to discuss options of cooperating with partners.

We are interested in cooperating with competent partners and committed personalities. If you are interested in cooperating with us or if you are an independent consultant who shares our values, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you!