Keynote Speech at The Ohio State University

Keynote Speech at The Ohio State University

Keynote speech

Keynote speech at the conference on Spanish and Portuguese linguistics

Keynote by Dr. Danae Perez

We are proud that The Ohio State University has invited Danae to give a keynote about her research at this year’s conference on Spanish and Portuguese linguistics!


On the loss of Afro-Hispanic varieties and what they have to tell us

Over two decades ago, McWhorter (2000) claimed that no Spanish-based creole language had emerged in the Atlantic area. In response to this claim, several Afro-Hispanic varieties have been documented and classified, yet only one of them seems to be McWhorter’s “missing Spanish creole”: Afro-Yungueño Spanish. In this lecture, I will outline the debates around Spanishbased creoles and use Afro-Yungueño’s social and structural history as an example to show how debasilectalization (Siegel 2010) has shaped both the history as well as the documentation of Afro-Hispanic varieties. My aim is to explore to what extent Spanish contact varieties and the debates around them are unique in the realm of contact linguistics.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

9:00 AM – Eastern Standard Time

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