Publication: Postcolonial Language Varieties in the Americas

Publication: Postcolonial Language Varieties in the Americas


Edited Volume published by De Gruyter

Postcolonial Language Varieties in the Americas

I am happy to announce the publication of this treasure box by Eeva Sippola and me!

This book published by De Gruyter contains a unique collection of chapters that describe little-known varieties of English, Mayan, Plains Cree, Portuguese, Spanish, and Welsh spoken in isolated spots between Canada and Argentina. Taken together, they show that the contact between world languages and local indigenous languages produce similar linguistic results, like the loss of grammatical gender in Spanish and Portuguese.

A big thank you to my co-editor Eeva Sippola as well as to Thomas Stolz, Deborah Arbes, Christel Stolz, Maja Robbers, Maria Mazzoli, Ana Paulla Braga Mattos, Iwan Wyn Rees, Mirjam Schmalz, and Dr.Britta Schneider for the brilliant contributions! It was great to work with you all!

I contributed two chapters myself, one on Afro-Bolivian Spanish and one on St. Kitts English, the latter written together with my fieldwork-partner-in-crime Mirjam Schmalz.

Let me know if you are curious to know more, or if I can help you access the book!

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