Publication: World Languages in Interaction

Publication: World Languages in Interaction


Edited Volume published by the Cambridge University Press

English and Spanish: World Languages in Interaction

What a satisfaction! Allow me to shout out that I just finalized the manuscript of this groundbreaking volume to be published by Cambridge University Press!

It’s a collection of chapters written by a bunch of outstanding linguists and my humble self about how English and Spanish became the two main world languages.

Did you know that English and Spanish do not only have a similar history of colonization, but in fact also a similar number of native speakers? Taken together, they will soon have one billion native speakers around the globe. And both have evolved into a myriad of new dialects and even new languages. Some of these new Englishes and new Spanishes differ from each other to the extent of being mutually unintelligible!

Insights into how world languages develop are very useful in our daily communication. They help us develop intercultural competences and a better understanding of how people from different cultural backgrounds speak the same language differently.

Feel free to get in touch if you are curious to know more.

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