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Business Consulting

Smart leaders know they cannot reach their goals alone. When changes are due, they get expert advice and work with specialists. If you are facing the challenge of a change, you can count on our extensive expertise and commitment. We ensure you get the tailor-made consulting and services you need for you to reach your goals.

Our consultants are experts with extensive experience in industry and research, both locally as well as internationally. We are committed to provide you with comprehensive expertise in several languages, above all English, German, and Spanish. With us, your team is in the best of hands.

Communication Consulting

Strong communication is the key to success. It inspires team spirit and enhances efficiency as well as the company’s Corporate Identity (CI), which has an impact on output. This is why we guide you with consulting and specific solutions to ensure your communication meets highest standards.

Culture shapes a company’s spirit and determines team efficiency, CI, branding, and ultimately also the output. For corporate culture to flourish, it is not only crucial to lead by example but also to define and communicate values and policies with clarity. We help you word and communicate your company’s culture and vision to the management, staff, and clients to ensure you take everybody on board.

Change management requires seamless communication. Does your team and your clientele know where you are heading? The company’s vision, mission, and values must be worded in clear, target-oriented language and a precise description of services and their USPs is indispensable. We guide you through the conceptualization and wording of pivotal documents and texts, and we support your trainings to ensure the entire team is on the same page.

Reports and scientific papers need factual, precise, and value-free language and must clarify their main message. We help you write scientific texts, documents, and target-oriented copy according to scientific standards, we help you develop and word your argument, and we train your team in report writing.

Inclusive language regarding gender and race challenges many a company and organization. Official policies change often, and the different claims and arguments are diverse and controversial. We help you find and communicate an informed and feasible solution tailored to your company values.

Good texts and templates do not only save time and money; they also improve processes and enhance internal and external cooperation. We analyze and evaluate your templates, reports, and marketing materials and provide you with specific solutions to enhance your written and spoken communication.

External campaigns and pivotal company documents demand impeccable language because it ensures the target group understands the message without entailing any damages to CI and the brand. We examine your documents’ language and remove potential deficits to issue an expert report that certifies the quality of your corporate language and documents.

Intercultural Consulting

Diversity and multilingualism hold enormous potential for companies and organizations. At the same time, they challenge team leaders and the management in many ways. We leverage extensive experience in international settings and companies as well as relevant research expertise to help you navigate communicative and cultural challenges in your international team and support you with feasible solutions.

Diversity and inclusion bring innovation and manifold knowledge to companies and organizations. At the same time, they also create challenges. How can you embrace a linguistically and culturally diverse staff? How do you communicate efficiently internally and externally? How do you live up to your vision and make your corporate culture visible for the public? We help you lay diversity and multiculturality down in your organizational culture and corporate language and sensitize your staff and management.

When employees don’t speak their first language at work or aren’t equally familiar with the local culture, miscommunication and misunderstandings are common. How do you best communicate tasks, proposals, and feedback to a culturally diverse staff? For all team members to play an active part and unleash their potential, it is crucial to embrace cultural differences. We know the cultural and linguistic challenges international teams face and help you turn diversity into your strength.

Cultural differences manifest themselves in a myriad of ways. They influence how we speak, how we deal with colleagues, or how hierarchies are understood. This is particularly pronounced in international and multilingual staffs. Yet when cultural differences are embraced and managed wisely, they unleash hidden potential. We advise you in successfully managing and overcoming communicative and cultural challenges during change management and restructuring processes.

Different cultures have differing views on hierarchies, cooperation, and politeness. They influence how people understand messages and orders and how they interact with colleagues. Leaders of multicultural teams therefore face additional challenges regarding communication and the prevention of misunderstandings within their teams. We know these challenges and guide you with feasible solutions.

Expats have become an integral part of many innovative and international companies. They bring fresh perspectives and expertise. Yet, expats often experience rather abrupt changes in their lives and face challenges on a professional as well as personal level which are usually not mentioned explicitly and may hamper successful and lasting cooperation. We support you and your expats as well as their families upon their arrival in Switzerland and in their cooperation with colleagues and clients to ensure lasting success.

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