Coaching for Professionals

Good employees meet expectations. Empowered employees excel.

“Employees cannot become more productive in every sense of the word unless they are provided with continuous on-the-job training.” (Gregory Balestrero)
Coaching for Professionals

Soft skills like empathy and communicative efficiency are the key to successful teamwork. They make collaboration easier because they accelerate communication and prevent conflicts. At the same time, they enhance creativity and increase satisfaction and productivity, and ultimately the innovative power of their company. For teams to sustainably stay dynamic, they must regularly develop and hone their skills.

With our experienced coaches, you develop the specific skills your staff needs to easily attain goals. Efficient exercises, clear instructions, precise feedback, and informed answers to questions will enable your team to efficiently achieve the results you expect

Coaching for Communication Competences

Employees are facing increasing communicative challenges. Subject-specific communication, new tools, models of New Work, as well as multilingualism at the workplace demand increased communicative skills, both written and spoken. Imprecise language often causes misunderstandings within the team or with clients, and written tasks usually take too long. These challenges have a negative effect on results and employee satisfaction. Excellent communicative skills are therefore among the most important skills for teams to prosper.

In our coaching, your most valuable employees and leaders practice the communicative skills they need to efficiently get their work done. This will increase employee satisfaction, results, and ultimately also the retention of talent.

Reports and documentations belong to a text type that require a particularly professional language. Observations and evaluations must be put into factual, concise, and unbiased words. Yet, documenting and writing is normally not the top skill of those expected to write reports, so they consider it a burden. In our writing coaching, Dr. Danae Perez practices efficient report writing and documentation strategies with your team for them to get these tasks done in no time. Her passion for writing is contagious. She will be able to make writing easier for your employees.

Academic dissertations are not only about the writing process but also about the collection, management, and analysis of data as well as their convincing presentation. The challenge of getting this done within a short period of time while working part-time is substantial. Dr. Danae Perez has extensive experience with academic papers and will guide your talent through the process to ensure they bring their projects to completion. Read more

Competence in English is crucial to be successful nowadays. Language does not only convey messages but also an impression of the speaker’s professionalism. In our focused and tailormade coaching, we help your employees communicate confidently and successfully in English with your target audience. We show them how to put their expertise into words that easily convince clients, stakeholders, and colleagues alike and help them feel at ease in multilingual teams.

Speaking in front of an audience requires special linguistic skills. Because it pursues two goals at once: transmitting intelligible content while convincingly showcasing one’s own expertise. We show you how to achieve successful speaking and effortless lecturing irrespective of whether your audience consists of clients, specialists, investors, or the wider public.

Diversity has not only become a must but also a lived reality, and it concerns all areas of communication. Many companies are in the process of defining how their corporate language can represent their values regarding diversity. Yet, each company and each institution has its own conditions regarding the implementation of such guidelines. Dr. Danae Perez practices with your team how to implement corporate language regarding diversity in their daily routine.

Coaching for Intercultural Competences

International and diverse teams hold great potential for innovation and productivity. At the same time, different world views also bring challenges about, like misunderstandings and conflicts. For outsiders, these struggles appear to be the result of different personalities. Yet more often than not, they are the consequence of different cultural backgrounds. Intercultural competences help understand and successfully navigate the challenges of multicultural teams and are thus among today’s most important soft skills. Interculturally competent employees spot cultural differences and turn them into your team’s asset.

Our experienced interculturality coach Dr. Danae Perez knows the challenges of multicultural teams from different angles. In tailor-made coaching sessions, she will enable your top talent to become interculturally competent leaders who use diversity as an asset to help the team prosper.

Intercultural competences are highly demanded soft skills. They enable talents to understand cultural differences and use diversity as a source of creativity and innovation to reach their full potential. Yet, intercultural competences take time and competent partners to develop. In her intercultural competence coaching, Dr. Danae Perez individually advises and guides your talents to proactively face and positively influence culturally diverse settings.

Diverse and multicultural teams are a true asset to any company. At the same time, cultural diversity also challenges a team’s productivity due to different world views regarding hierarchies, politeness, formality, and communicative practices. Only when all team members feel fully respected and enabled will a leader be able to tap their team’s full potential. In individualized coaching sessions, Dr. Danae Perez will guide your talents to understand and fully embrace cultural diversity become interculturally competent leaders.

Switzerland is one of the most popular destinations for expat professionals. Studies have repeatedly shown that a relocation to Switzerland is financially and professionally rewarding. Yet cultural integration remains a major challenge due to the country’s linguistic and cultural diversity. Dr. Danae Perez knows Switzerland from within and without, and from a personal, educational, as well as professional perspective. With a high level of empathy, she will guide and advise your expats on how to best cope with the challenge of relocating to Switzerland.

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