Corporate Language

Corporate Language

Corporate language is everywhere – on an organization’s website, in its marketing, e-mails, meetings, and in interactions with clients. Strong corporate language distinguishes your organization from others. It shapes organizational culture and improves internal as well as external communication.

Corporate language should not be left to chance. We at Anaphora know what words can achieve. We guide you in developing and implementing a precise and uniform corporate language and introduce it on all levels for you to align your corporate language with your values and optimize communications from within.

Define your Corporate Wording

Do your clients know what your brand stands for? Do your employees know the mission of your organization? A clear corporate wording aligned with your values and goals strengthens your corporate identity internally and externally. Mission statements, values, services, and USPs must be worded in a way that sets clear guidelines for your employees and your clients alike and shape your organization’s culture. Precise wording is essential, particularly during change management, because it enhances collaboration, increases efficiency, and builds a strong corporate image that distinguishes your brand from others.

We align your corporate wording with your values and incorporate it into your communications processes for it to actively and meaningfully contribute to your organization’s success. In English and/or German.

  • Highlight the uniqueness of your business in precisely worded USPs.

  • Describe your products and services in precise and catchy words.

  • Develop elaborate manuals for your internal and external communication.

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Putting Organizational Culture into Precise Words

Words guide thoughts and thoughts guide actions. Just like language and culture are inseparable, corporate wording sets the pattern for corporate culture. As soon as people communicate with each other, they create a space in which they pursue common goals and values. This challenges companies with multicultural staff in particular, as different cultures and languages entail different perceptions of normalcy, hierarchy, and collaboration. You reach your goals when your team thinks in diverse terms while pursuing a common goal and acting as one entity. In this, language plays a crucial role as the main tool for the effective communication of values internally and externally.

We develop a precise corporate wording and a communication style for your organization to embrace your values in everyday work life. In English and/or German.

  • Capture your vision in precise words for it to guide your actions.

  • Express your mission in an unequivocal mission statement.

  • Incorporate your values into your internal and external communication.

  • Strengthen your organizational culture in customized workshops and coaching.

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Your D&I Goals Aligned with your Corporate Wording

Inclusive language expresses organizational values regarding diversity and inclusion (D&I). It concerns all areas of communication and challenges companies and organizations. The challenge consists of meaningfully developing new language policies under consideration of at times contradictory forces and guiding employees in their consistent application. These forces include national and international trends as well as internal conditions, which are additionally challenged by different languages and cultures.

We develop an informed, customized, and practicable solution for you to linguistically meet your D&I goals, and we support you with its implementation. In English and/or German.

  • Develop a practicable manual for gender-inclusive language that is tailored to your organization.

  • Ensure all employees of your organization feel included.

  • Support your employees in implementing the language manual by means of customized workshops.

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Quality Check of Corporate Wording and Expert Certificates

Do you attract the desired kind of client? Do your employees understand the values they represent in your organization? Is your internal communication efficient? Or are you at the beginning of a difficult campaign or change, during which your credibility is at stake? All these and other processes will be successful when your corporate wording is aligned with your goals and checked for precision and values it represents. A thorough quality check of your corporate wording and an external certificate can protect you from undesired results and backlash.

We examine your corporate language regarding consistency, efficiency, and precision, and we issue external expert certificates. In English and/or German.

  • Ensure your corporate language lives up to your values in terms of quality and content.

  • Have your corporate communication checked for political correctness.

  • Have the scope and implementation of your gender-inclusive language evaluated.

  • Ensure your documents in German are as persuasive as your English ones.

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Corporate Language Expert

Danae Perez is a linguist with a background in both research and the corporate world. She has been advising corporate and private clients for nearly two decades and has guided numerous organizations and projects through processes of change and growth. Danae Perez sensitively resolves communicative challenges of all sorts with practicable solutions and brings vast experience from different languages, cultures, and sectors to the table. As an agile consultant, she incorporates her expertise seamlessly into existing projects.

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