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“Big jobs usually go to those who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.” (Theodore Roosevelt)
Coaching for Individuals

There are tasks whose results depend solely on our very own skills. They cannot be delegated. For us to be successful and achieve great things, we must efficiently train these specific skills. With our experienced coaches, you develop the specific skills you need to attain success with ease. Efficient exercises, clear instructions, precise feedback, and informed answers to your questions will enable you to efficiently achieve the results you expect from yourself.

Communication Coaching

Communicative demands are increasing. The introduction of new tools and flexible work models as well as increased connectivity demand new competences and require lifelong learning. In order to achieve this, it is crucial to master fundamental communicative skills for new ones to be acquired with ease. In our coaching, we enable you to hone the skills you need to get tasks done and excel.

Each of our areas of expertise correspond to the core competences of one of our coaches. This is how we ensure you receive the most competent guidance and consulting. The coaching can take place in English or German; depending on the coach, additional languages are possible.

Competence in English is crucial to be successful nowadays. Yet, language does not only convey messages but also an impression of the speaker’s professionalism. In our focused and tailormade coaching, Danae Perez helps you confidently and successfully communicate in English with your target audience for you to put your expertise into words and convince stakeholders, superiors, clients, and colleagues alike.

Speaking in front of an audience requires special linguistic skills. Because it pursues two goals at once: transmitting intelligible content while convincingly showcasing one’s own expertise. Irrespective of whether your target audience consists of specialists, investors, or the general public, Danae Perez shows you how to achieve successful speaking and effortless lecturing. She helps you with the wording of your speech and practices presentation techniques for a demanding audience with you – in one or several languages.

«No one is born a master” – this also applies to writing. In fact, professional writing may require more practice than many other skills and can only be improved substantially with experience. For this reason, Danae Perez uses our experience to help you improve your writing. By means of clear instructions, efficient exercises, precise feedback, and creative suggestions, she hones with you your writing skills in the formats of your choice for you to get your writing done with ease.

Reports and minutes belong to a text type that require particularly professional language. Observations and evaluations must be put into factual, concise, and unbiased words. Yet, writing is normally not the top skill of those expected to write reports and minutes, so they see it as a burden. In our writing coaching, Danae Perez practices efficient report and minute writing with you for you to get them done in no time. Her passion for writing is contagious and will help you write with ease in the future.

Academic dissertation are not only about the writing process but also about the collection, management, and analysis of data as well as their convincing presentation. The challenge of getting this done within a given time frame and with precision is high. As an academic with publishing experience, Danae Perez guides you through the process and ensures you receive the answers you need to bring your project to completion. Read more

Scientific publications follow clear stylistic conventions and scientific principles. They do not only require the completion of the manuscript but also working with the publisher. Thanks to our publishing experience, we help you successfully publish your manuscript from finishing the manuscript all the way to market it with the right outlet.

Intercultural Coaching

Culture influences the way we make sense of the world and how we react to it. In the working world, this has a particular influence on the behavior of each employee, leader, and client because it influences the understanding of processes and hierarchies. The increased contact between people from different backgrounds today entails great intercultural diversity, which may challenge the collaboration within the team and with clients and partners. At the same time, it holds great potential for innovation and new market opportunities. This is why it is important to understand cultural diversity and use it to one’s benefit.

Intercultural competences are the core competence of Dr. Danae Perez. She knows the different facets of intercultural communication and cooperation from both, research as well as the industry, and she guides you competently with a lot of empathy and creative solutions. The coaching can take place in either German, English, or Spanish.

Intercultural competences are among the most important soft skills today. They are based on the capability of recognizing and understanding different views and approaches and skillfully responding to them. This is particularly important when we work in international work environments, maintain personal or professional international relationships, or live ourselves in a culture that isn’t our own. In this case, intercultural competences enable us to communicate more efficiently and successfully and to either detect or remedy potential for conflict in advance. Danae Perez has vast experience in intercultural communication and will help you navigate the international space with confidence and success.

Culture influences learned behavior and values because it determines the perception of hierarchies, professional collaboration, and business relationships. This is why culture often has a greater influence on behavioral patterns in the workplace than a person’s character. For leaders of international teams, it is particularly important to have an awareness of these biases. It is vital to recognize cultural biases and use them to the benefit of the team. If a leader is able to understand cultural diversity as a resource for innovation, they will increase the team’s efficiency and ultimately yield better results. Danae Perez advises you for you to lead inclusively and foster a dynamic cooperation within your international team.

Expats are highly qualified professionals who usually need to start a new position with considerable responsibility and integrate into a new local culture within a couple of weeks only. This poses larger challenges. Expats relocating to Switzerland face additional challenges because Switzerland is culturally diverse and unique in many ways, for example because of its linguistic diversity and political situation. Danae Perez knows Switzerland, its languages, cultures, as well as the local corporate and educational environment. She can support you as an expat in navigating this new environment and feeling more quickly at ease in Switzerland.

Our Coaches

Dr. Danae Perez
Dr. Danae PerezCommunication & Interculturality
Languages: English, German, Spanish
Mauro Moretto
Mauro MorettoStrategic Communication
Languages: English, German

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