Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication

Organizations communicate always and everywhere – in internal processes, in e-mails and meetings, on the website, and in interactions with clients.

Don’t leave your organizational communication to chance. With the right wording and in the accurate format, you’ll get information and processes moving, you’ll increase your quality and efficiency, and you’ll express your values. We guide you in developing and implementing effective communications for you to create a solid fundament for your organization, your organizational culture, and your brand.

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Internal and External Communications

Persuasive communication is the backbone of a strong brand. It concerns several areas of everyday business and spans from personal interactions via email and in meetings to reporting toward clients, sponsors, or the public. Different formats and addressees require different communicative skills from employees and managers, like writing skills or professional presentations. We advise and support your team hands-on with texts, text blocks, as well as workshops, in which your team can develop relevant skills with lasting effects.

Our services include:

The company’s vision is pathbreaking. It concisely summarizes the desired end state which the company aspires to reach. A clear, meaningful vision is particularly important for the management because it motivates and drives operations.

Business communication shapes everyday practice. Whether team members are communicating internally or externally, whether they’re in reporting, marketing, or R&D, they always face specific challenges that waste their time and wear them out. Yet if they get customized training to practice the skills they need, they’ll not only perform better but indeed feel more satisfied at work. We show your team in hands-on workshops how to get their communicative tasks done efficiently.

Internal communications cover many areas from everyday interactions to the exchange of information among different business units or with external stakeholders and partners. A clear manual sets the guidelines on what language to use, what kinds of expression to use, and what communicative protocols to follow and how. All this and other additional points can be channeled with a sensible internal communications manual.

Manuals for external communications define communicative processes and set the guidelines to be followed in sales and toward the market. A unified, practicable, and sensible communication style sharpens the organization’s identity and enhances efficiency and effectiveness.

Texts that Convince your Target Audience

The value of convincing texts cannot be overestimated. Especially representative texts, like websites, publications, or business reports, do sales around the clock. Many organizations therefore invest large amounts of money in their corporate design and focus on technical trends, while they forget that words leave a lasting and subconscious mark on potential and existing clients. Words move and persuade, and a clean text inspires trust and transmits important values like quality and professionalism.

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Text types:

Applications for permissions and funding must be written in a language that is common in the sector. They must present facts clearly and at the same time highlight the strengths and competencies of the company. The most important features to succeed in this is conciseness and structure.

Reports are the veins that get information flowing. They facilitate successful collaboration between different parties. Writing reports takes practice, as information must be selected, organized, and described professionally.

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Blog articles are a marketing tool and meant to bring the public’s or target group’s attention to the company. Language and style must meet the requirements of fast-paced virtual spaces without missing out on quality.

E-mails are the most fundamental communication channel nowadays. We usually write them within a couple of minutes only. In order for us to write important, difficult, or uncomfortable e-mails quickly, it is important to use a language that is common to the sector and a clear structure. Employees can save a considerable amount of time when they get discreet support with this as well as prefabricated text blocks.

The company portrait is essential for the corporate image and attractiveness of a company. It transmits potential clients and partners in accurate words what values the company stands for, what services it offers, and what values it represents. We write your strategic company portrait and tell your company’s story, achievements, values, and USPs concisely and engagingly, for you to position yourself according to your target group. In English, German, or several languages.

Business reports are a demanding text type. They are an important marketing tool because a good business report doesn’t only give a well-organized account of facts but does indeed do this in a language that is aligned with company values and presents the company in the best light. We write effective and persuasive business reports tailored to the company.

Leaders and inspiring personalities are important resources and brand ambassadors of a company. Their career and qualities should be highlighted at events, on websites, and in the media. We write tailor-made portraits as interviews or biographies that point the achievements, earnings, strengths, and USPs out in an engaging way for them to leave a mark. In English, German, or several languages.

Clear correspondence makes communication more efficient and effective. Depending on the receiver, the style and format of a message changes, particularly when clients or colleagues from other disciplines, where other communicative norms prevail, are addressed. In our hands-on workshops, we practice addressee-specific communication.

Manuals describe style conventions and protocols with high precision and can be relevant for every part of a business. For them to be unmistakably clear, they must be worded with precision and prevent possible problems from the very beginning.

A Management Summary is the basis for decisions taken by the team lead or management. They must be as short and informative as possible. Accordingly, management summaries must be concise and information-dense. This challenge of cramming as much content into as little text as possible is an art that requires substantial experience.

Market analyses are quasi-scientific texts that must meet high standards regarding content and formalities. The line of argumentation and conciseness are as important as precise language. Before they can be published or sent to the client, they must be checked for flaws and inconsistencies.

A compelling company biography or an entertaining report of an event or story are effective marketing tools. Engage your target group with capturing reports and leave a lasting impression with your stories. We have vast experience in reporting, research independently, lead interviews, visit sites, and write customized reports and articles for effective PR and branding in relevant outlets or platforms. In English, German, or in several languages.

Presentations, toasts, and other kinds of speech should engage and thrill the audience. They are usually accompanied by a slide show that visualizes the content and guides the audience. Persuasive speakers need an impeccable slide set that goes well with the wording. For the slides to do their job, the language must be clean and align with company values.

Product descriptions are an investment that facilitates sales. With thoroughly thought-through product descriptions of optimal length and a pinch of uniqueness, sales conversations and online sales can be enhanced to increase closing rates.

Websites are the flagship of a company. Their texts play a pivotal role in this. With strategic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using the right key words, a website will rank high and convince potential clients. This is particularly challenging with complex or high-end content. We ensure your website texts achieve this. We present your offer in clear words and present you in the best light for your website to generate business opportunities around the clock for you. In English, German, or several languages.

Scientific publications, like monographs or journal articles, must meet high standards regarding content and style. Argument structure and coherence are just as important as cohesion and clear language.

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Develop your Corporate Language

Precise words facilitate collaboration and increase efficiency. Particularly when new companies are founded, or when changes are due, strong corporate language makes all the difference. Clearly worded corporate language aligned with company values and goals masters two challenges at once: It optimizes communicative processes and strengthens the identity of a company toward the inside and the outside.

It starts with a strong mission statement and clearly defined values and USPs. These must be worded with precision for them to be clear to both staff and clients and thereby shape corporate culture. Also, the company portrait should depict the company in the best light and fuse values with messages. With good company descriptions as well as optimized text blocks, you can at once engage your employees and secure they communicate efficiently and effectively internally and externally. Your corporate language is the fundamental tool for you to convincingly communicate company values toward the team and the market.

Our services include:

The company’s vision is pathbreaking. It concisely summarizes the desired end state which the company aspires to reach. A clear, meaningful vision is particularly important for the management because it motivates, leads, and drives operations.

The mission statement defines the tasks. It describes services and products as well as the resources at hand to complete the task. A good mission statement is aligned with the values and approach to be followed at work. The staff must know your mission for them to fully understand the task and guidelines at work and consider it in their processes and decision-making.

Each company stands for certain values. These values aren’t universally valid but depend on the mission statement. Reliability, innovation, quality, or sustainability are but a few examples of values that companies may want to stand for. These values should be captured and poured into communications for them to shape corporate culture and contribute to the company brand.

Each company is unique. Whether that’s related to the service or product itself, the quality, the approach, the values, or any other criterion depends on the company. The important thing is to put the USPs (unique selling propositions) into words for them to be fed into internal and external communications.

Diversity in Organizational Communication

Just like culture and language are inseparable, also corporate culture starts with organizational communication. This is particularly challenging for multicultural staff, as different cultures of origin and languages entail different understandings of normalcy, hierarchy, and collaboration. You reach your goals when your staff displays diverse thinking while acting as one entity.

Inclusive language aims at expressing specific values regarding diversity and inclusion (D&I) in language. It concerns all areas of communication and challenges many an organization. The main challenge is to develop meaningful linguistic guidelines under consideration of at times contradictory conditions and to guide employees in implementing them consistently. Among these conditions are official and international recommendations as well as internal factors, which must respond to different languages, cultures, and values.

Our services include:

A linguistic diversity manual sets the guidelines for internal language policies as well as the use of language with the public. For the development of an effective linguistic manual, it is important to consider the organization’s values as well as economic and official determiners in order to develop a practicable solution. We develop a clear and customized linguistic manual that feasibly represents your values, and we show your staff in seminars how to apply these guidelines in their everyday communication and correspondence. For lasting and comprehensive solutions that are easy to implement and have a positive impact on corporate cultures.

The implementation of individual linguistic guidelines in a company is a challenge. Many a staff member wastes too much time searching the right words and expression. They can be supported when they learn which words to use and how. Prefabricated text blocks can be introduced to increase efficiency. We elaborate this for you and guide your team in workshops.

Many organizations strive to anchor D&I values in their corporate language. Language policies that prescribe how to actually use inclusive language change frequently, however, and they differ across languages. So, each organization has its own guidelines for implementing such policies. Danae Perez knows officials and international guidelines and offers an entertaining overview of possibilities and challenges in D&I communication.

Multilingual communication is becoming indispensable. In international Switzerland, English is increasingly spoken, though it is mostly spoken by native speakers of other languages. This can hinder clear communication and entail miscommunication. We help you define a smart language strategy and show your staff how to competently discuss professional content with stakeholders, clients, and colleagues in an international environment.

Quality Management for your Communication

Sensible communicative processes and templates contribute substantially to success. Particularly the most critical documents, like concepts, applications, website texts, or campaign texts, must be precise and well structured. We evaluate your documents and templates with the aim of optimizing your communication with lasting effects. We check them for linguistic quality, format, effectiveness, as well as the standards required to hit target.

Our services include:

For your communication to meet high standards, we evaluate them for linguistic correctness and effectiveness. We analyze the quality of your communication comprehensively. This concerns the structure of the content, linguistic accuracy, as well as implementation. When your communication meets high standards, processes and efficiency can be enhanced and identity strengthened. This also applies to the alignment of content and languages in multilingual documents.

We develop a customized corporate language for you to guide you and your staff toward your target. We develop specific solutions for your communication as templates for your reporting, we enhance the exchange of information, and we improve your correspondence and sales communication. In English, German, or in several languages.

In case of doubt or conflict, it is necessary to have the quality of documents and templates evaluated by an external expert. We issue independent expert certificates of written documents regarding quality, linguistic correctness, precision, as well as reception by the target group or public.

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