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We write your entire text or make your drafts shine.

“Is this the right expression?” “Where do I write this?” “How do I insert myself into the text?” When writing important texts, questions like these always come up. And the more important the text is, the more important precise answers are. It is usually difficult to get text-related answers and for this reason, writing a professional text takes a lot of time.

Writing skills grow with experience. Thanks to our extensive experience in writing and publishing and our outstanding writing skills, we take over your writing task or make your draft or manuscript shine. We write your professional text irrespective of text type, target audience, or content in English, German, or on request also in other languages.

Academic Theses

An academic thesis is a document to obtain an academic degree. Its goal is to present the expertise of the author while informing on the results of a study. This happens in accordance with scientific methods and in a language that meets scientific conventions, i.e., it is specific, factual, and correct. Dr Danae Perez and her team not only have written numerous scientific papers themselves but in fact also used their expertise to help others achieve outstanding results. We help you with theses in English, German, or Spanish.

Applications for Grants, Funding, or Projects

Applications for grants, funding, or projects must convince a critical jury and outperform those of other applicants. They must meet specific guidelines regarding content and format. We have extensive experience in writing different kinds of application and know both sides of the process, the applicant’s as well as the committee’s. We help you submit a convincing application in either German or English.

Applications and Résumés

Applications do two things at once: They express the interest of an applicant and praise the applicant’s qualities. Likewise, résumés should present the experience and skills of a person in the best light. In order to achieve this, strong language that is customary in the market is needed, as well as a well-arranged layout. We are experienced in local and international recruiting and help you prepare your applications and résumés for the local or international market.

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