Each sector relies on a reporting system of some kind to document and transmit information. Reports are the most important instrument for reporting, be it proceedings, concepts, applications, final or business reports. Each type of report addresses a different internal or external audience and must contain all the relevant information explained in a language that is customary in the sector. Reports are usually written by specialists from one area providing information for specialists from other areas in a way that is transparent and precise enough to take further action or decisions. This is often challenging, but when reports are well conceptualized and written, they bring clarity, improve collaboration and results, and enable effective communication.

Reporting in Social Institutions

For social institutions, like charities, young people’s or women’s shelters, reports are an important tool for internal documentation and communicating with external bodies. It is important that the reports comply with formal guidelines and fulfil their function of informing. Optimize your internal and external reports by having an expert advise you on your reports and training your team.

Reporting in Work Integration

The counseling and advising of jobseekers are busy processes. In order to keep track of the progress and ensure transparency, it is important to report on the relevant information in written form in order to make information on the current status or overall progress readily available and transparent. Help your employees in targeted workshops to efficiently write their protocols and reports during the counseling of clients.

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Reporting Expert

Danae Perez is a linguist with broad experience in several industries. She has been working with social institutions in Switzerland and abroad for two decades and knows institutional guidelines and procedures first-hand. Thanks to her background in research, Danae Perez also has the necessary skills that constitute the basis of report writing. With her passion for languages and knowledge of cultures, she engagingly transmits a variety of topics in her courses.

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