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For Swiss RAV, IV, and SUVA; job centers and other work integration institutions

Written reports in work integration are among the most important reporting tools. During the counseling, counselors, advisors, and job coaches write minutes and client reports addressed at internal and external bodies to document progress and keep an eye on the goals. Those reports are relevant for different bodies and thus must comply with certain standards, which means that writing such reports often takes time. This brings about uncertainties, delays, and an inefficient use of resources. Good minutes and reports don’t only increase efficiency, they also guide the procedure of employees and consultants.

For this reason, investing in optimizing the quality of the reports pays off. We help you improve the quality of your proceedings and reports with lasting effects. We assess your current documents and show you specific optimization strategies regarding content and language for you to improve the quality of your proceedings and reports, and we train your team in in-house workshops. This will not only improve the quality of your reports but also make it less time and resource consuming in the future.

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Institutions in work integration


Lasting improvement of reports and increased employee satisfaction


Depending on the situation, we develop the most reasonable combination of assessment, consulting, and training with you.


The working language can be either English or German. The workshops are also suitable for non-native speakers.


Dr. Danae Perez

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How we help you improve your reports with lasting effects

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Reporting Consultant

Danae Perez is a linguist with broad experience in several industries and advises several institutions. She has been working with social institutions in Switzerland and abroad for two decades and has experience in recruitment as well. Thanks to her background in research, Danae Perez has the necessary skills that constitute the basis of report writing. With her passion for languages and knowledge of cultures, she engagingly transmits a variety of topics in her courses.


“The follow-up of the course ‘report writing for social workers’ with Danae Perez was an enrichment for our consultants. She understood our organization well and adjusted her expert input to our internal templates. Astonishing, how refreshing an instruction to writing better can be!”

Canton of Aargau logoTatjana Lambrinoudakis, Canton of Aargau - AWA

“I experienced the participants as committed and interested. You did it exactly in accordance with our ‘gusto’ – lively, direct, committed. Thank you again. I am also confident that your suggestions and feedback will have long-lasting effects – I have already received a report for review by one of the participants who is on my team and – wow – she has excellently implemented what she had learned! So, Danae, thank you again and I will definitely recommend you on every opportunity I get!”

Logo Terra Vecchia logoJacqueline Bachmann, Terra Vecchia

“Your friendly and motivating way of transmitting knowledge to a group is truly admirable. By means of many examples from practice that you include in your course and explain, the knowledge learned can be effectively by applied in everyday tasks. Thanks to your courses, it becomes possible to meet the high demands of writing texts for administrative bodies. Thank you very much.”

Lukas Amsler, Coachee

“As a craftsman, writing is not my favorite task. But Danae Perez managed to convey this topic with so much drive and energy that it was really a lot of fun. Thank you very much for your valuable and practical writing tips.”

André Andermatt, Coachee

“Ms. Perez organized the two course parts very well and actively. She knows how to take participants on a journey of meaningful and appropriate writing. I would recommend Ms. Perez in every case . She says clearly to boil your idea or your note down to the point. Be concise, informative, succinct, and express yourself well to make every word count.”

Werner Heller, Coachee

“I personally liked very much that Danae showed resp explained why things are the way they are, like ‘modal verbs modify the verb’. As a participants, it became easier for me to understand and apply the knowledge. In addition, Danae’s mental flexibility is impressive. Danae answers questions quickly or reformulates a sentence that needs improvement in no time.”

Anonymus, Coachee

“Thanks to her humorous and congenial nature, Ms. Perez could transmit the content in an intelligible and clear way. For me personally, the training an enrichement!!”

Céline Kaufmann, Coachee

“From Danae Perez I learned: It takes practice to write short, crisp, to the point, informative, factual, fair, and truthfully written reports.”

Gabriela Rufener, Coachee

“Ms. Perez transmitted a relaxed way of dealing with written reports. She has allowed me to rediscover the love of language – THANK YOU!”

Regina Hafen, Coachee

“Danae Perez conveys in-depth expertise in a practice-oriented, vivid, inspiring and extremely lively way; long-term effect guaranteed!”

Barbara Michel, Coachee

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