Science Communication

Science Communication

Science communication is the communication of scientific content. How this content is transmitted depends on its type, the means of communication, and the target group. Accordingly, science communication is needed for the communication among experts as well as between experts and laypeople and requires a profound understanding of science, its communicative styles, and the target group. Scientists usually communicate their results as monographs, articles, applications, or theses, while organizations use media releases, reports, marketing materials, and social media. We specialize in science communication and its language.

Writing a Successful Thesis

A good style must above all be clear,” Aristoteles said. He was referring to philosophical arguments or, more precisely, the papers we write at universities and colleges today: scientific theses and publications. Scientific papers should use a language that is precise, unequivocal, and factual. They should only contain information that is relevant for the argument, and they must explain in clear words what the aim, possible working hypotheses, methods and results, as well as the study’s relevance in the wider research context are.

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During the process of writing a thesis, there are always periods of inertia when no progress is achieved. This is usually due to a lack of inspiration or too many unanswered questions that impede progress – particularly when the supervisor isn’t available. Frequent questions concern either data handling and analysis or the writing process and referencing. Expert advice and inspiring feedback can boost the project’s progress again. In a session of two power hours, we answer your questions and provide you with the input you need to successfully complete your project. In English, German, or Spanish.

Writing a scientific thesis includes several competencies, like choosing accurate data and methods, structuring the argument, and academic writing. These competencies take practice and only improve with experience. The good thing is: Expert advice can shorten and boost the process considerably. Our experienced coaches know how to make writing a scientific paper easier. With strategic advice and precise feedback, they support you in planning and executing your study or else help you with specific exercises and creativity to effectively improve your writing skills. For you to successfully complete your thesis. In English or German.

Scientific papers are a demanding type of text. The language must not only be factual and correct, but above all follow stylistic conventions regarding quotations, references, and the presentation of data and quotes. Our team has vast experience in scientific writing and publishing and can help you with concrete answers to your questions during the writing process or revise your document to ensure its style is correct and consistent. In English, French, or German.

Keynote Speech for Higher Ed Institutions, Grammar Schools, and Boarding Schools

Academic theses aren’t only about writing a paper, but in fact mostly about planning a research project and convincingly presenting afterwards. To achieve this within a limited period of time poses a challenge to students. Dr. Danae Perez has wide experience in teaching and publishing and has supervised hundreds of papers. She empathetically shows how the process can be started and mastered, gives answers to frequent questions before they pop up, and motivates students with her passion for research for them to successfully complete their projects. In English or German.

Scientific Publishing

Turning a scientific study into a publishable paper requires hard work and experience. Content, relevance, and language usually need another round of revisions in order to meet international standards. We can help you get your research published. We know the publication process first-hand and help you either identify the most accurate publisher or revise your manuscript for you to publish it successfully. In English, German, or bilingually.

Applications for Grants or Funding

Applications for grants and project funding must convince a critical committee. Their content and format must meet specific guidelines and focus on the purpose of the committee to convince its members. We know the applicant’s as well as the committee’s side first-hand and help you submit a convincing application in either German or English.

Applications for Academic Positions

Applications do two things at once: They express the interest of an applicant while at the same time promoting their qualities and competencies. This requires a style that is customary in the target market, as well as a clear format that summarizes complex content in a way that persuades the committee. This is particularly important when the presentation of research activities is concerned. We are experienced in local and international recruitment processes and help you prepare a competitive application and résumé.

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Danae Perez is versatile linguist with vast experience in different sectors including higher education. She has been teaching and supervising students for almost two decades and in different countries. She publishes her own research in the area of world languages with the most renowned editorial houses and knows the publication process with different publishers first-hand. She can provide you with the know-how and inspiration you need in either English or German.

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