Training on Report Writing in Work Integration

Training on Report Writing in Work Integration


The staff manager of Stiftung Impuls approached us inquiring whether we could alleviate her teams’ report writing efforts. The foundation operates programs to integrate clients into either the primary or the secondary market, and they report to either the regional employment offices or to the invalidity insurance. Accordingly, their reporting must meet high standards.


Stiftung Impuls works with a unified internal reporting system, which means that all team members work with the same documents irrespective of their individual assignment. However, they have different external addressees: those working in the primary job market report to RAV, the regional employment office, and focus on resources, while those working in the secondary job market report to IV, the invalidity insurance and rather focus on clients’ limitations. This requires a different selection of content as well as a different description of clients and their progress. In the seminar, these differences were highlighted and discussed. The staff manager decided to book two half-day seminars that would allow participants to apply the lessons learned during the time between the two seminars, and to discuss doubts and questions with Danae during the second seminar.


In the first seminar, Danae touched upon general aspects of report writing and on what is relevant regarding content and wording. Participants asked many questions to clarify their many doubts. Their questions concerned basic writing issues as well as doubts regarding addressee interests and common practice in the field. We specifically looked at what it means to work in such a complex field, in which different stakeholders, i.e., clients, authorities, institutions, potential employers, and families interact and must be attended, and how to report factually.

During the second seminar, we discussed individual experiences and specific questions, looked at additional examples, and sharpened participants’ eyes. This enabled participants to evaluate, revise, and improve their own as well as other team members’ reports.

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