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Are you working on an important text and struggle with getting it done?

Convincing texts are vital to many an enterprise. Yet, writing them is difficult. Particularly those texts that will be published or examined have an aim to achieve and must hit the mark. Their wording, style, and spelling must convince and engage the audience. We have extensive experience in academic and corporate publishing and in our writing help sessions we will help you get your perfect text done.

We help you create your text.

If you are working on a crucial text and running out of time or ideas, or if you have specific questions concerning your text, our writing expert Dr. Danae Perez will happily help you with:

  • style and tone – academic, corporate, personal, or entertaining

  • argument structure – get your point across

  • cohesion – guide your readership

  • wording – formulate your goal, message, or research question in precise terms

  • language policies – understand and implement linguistic conventions

  • inclusive language – express diversity and inclusion in accordance with your audience

  • quotations and paraphrasing  – ensure correct reporting and discursive writing

  • referencing and bibliography – embed your research in your field

  • on-the-spot suggestions – get a specific sentence, paragraph, or section done

  • foreign-language content – transfer foreign-language content to your own language

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  • 30 Minutes
  • online

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  • 30 Minutes
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Our Writing Expert

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Writing Consultant

Danae Perez is a versatile language expert with vast experience in research as well as the corporate and public sectors. She has been writing demanding texts for clients with great success for almost two decades. In addition, she has also published her own research in the area of world languages with the most renowned editorial houses, and she has extensive experience with linguistic and stylistic conventions. Danae Perez has the gift of quickly grasping the essence of a message and putting it into the right words, and her passion for language is contagious. Thanks to her experience and inspiring personality, she will be able to guide you with linguistic and factual expertise for you to produce a convincing text and achieve your goals.


“Danae’s coaching was energetic, unconventional and yet precise, knowledgeable, well-structured. She helped me make my work a little more like that, too, with concise, regular feedback and a constantly open mind. Danae became one of my main mentors, who always generously shared her insight on the academic system and university career trajectories. A teacher and mentor of Danae’s caliber is hard to come by and yet central to the forging of careers, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Sabrina Stallone, University of Bern

“Danae is sharp, inquisitive, and an exceptionally clear writer and communicator who gets things done. She has a wealth of experience to draw on from both academia and the business world – research, data analysis, teaching, writing, editing, she does it all (and in several languages!). With her cross-cultural expertise and deep understanding of how language works, she will surely be able to help you meet your communication goals.”

Marivic Lesho, Hypergiant

“I had to write a text at work under time pressure and asked Danae to polish my text. Danae structured the text and gave it a self-confident and competent tone. She knew exactly what to do and was very quick. I warmly recommend her experience.”