Writing Skills

Writing Skills

«No one is born a master” – this also applies to writing. Writing skills consist of different competencies, like planning, selecting content and wording, and consistent spelling. Professional writing therefore requires substantially more practice than many other skills and only improves with experience. The good thing is: Expert advice can give you a shortcut.

Her extensive experience and passion for writing enable Dr. Danae Perez to make writing easier. She helps you with strategic advice, hands-on exercises, precise feedback, and creativity for you to hone your or your team’s writing skills in the formats you need to efficiently get your writing done.

Professional Business Communication

Business communication spans all activities of everyday work. It concerns personal communication via e-mail as much as it does reporting to management, clients, or the public. Different formats and addressees demand several communicative skills, such as writing skills, planning, and professional presentations. They challenge employees and leaders alike.

We train with your team the business communication skills they need to get everyday work done in a more agile, precise, and competent way, and to increase results and satisfaction in the long run. In English and/or German.

  • Enhance your internal communication to increase employee satisfaction and your staff’s identification with the organization.

  • Strengthen your corporate image with targeted communication.

  • Ensure your reports are written in a customized and convincing tone.

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Report Writing in Social Institutions

Report writing is an important part of social workers’ everyday work. Reports must be written in value-free language and should only contain relevant and well-structured information. This sounds simple – it isn’t. In addition to the linguistic challenges, there are several report types, like protocols or final reports, that must meet different standards. For this reason, a lot of precious time is wasted on report writing.

This is unnecessary. In our seminars, Dr. Danae Perez takes a close look at reports and shows how to write them efficiently. She uncovers hidden bias in language and trains participants with hands-on exercises in writing spot-on reports for internal and external addresses in less time. On demand, she previously analyzes your internal and external reports in order to address specific challenges during the course. In English and/or German.

  • Increase employee satisfaction with efficient writing.

  • Enhance your internal and external reporting with an expert evaluation and revision.

  • Permanently improve your reporting with specialized training.

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Theses and Publications

A good style must above all be clear,” Aristoteles said. He was referring to scientific arguments or indeed the papers we write at universities and colleges today: scientific theses and publications. Scientific papers should use a language that is precise, unequivocal, and factual, and they should only contain information that is relevant for the argument. In addition, the wording of the research question or potential working hypotheses, the description of methods and results, as well as the relevance of the study in the context of research must be defined in clear words.

In her seminars and individual coaching, Dr. Danae Perez guides researchers in planning and writing academic theses on all levels to bring projects to completion. In English and/or German.

  • Develop your own efficient scientific writing style.

  • Take advantage of selective, targeted coaching to successfully complete your research project.

  • Get support in finding and publishing with the best scientific publisher for your research.

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Writing Consultant

Danae Perez is a multilingual linguist with broad experience in research and the industry. She has been working, teaching, and doing research in the area of languages and cultures for almost two decades and has worked in different countries and sectors. She has first-hand knowledge of the writing process from planning to publishing with the most renowned publishers. Danae Perez has the gift of quickly grasping a message and put it into precise words.

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