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Convincing texts are the alpha and omega of a strong Corporate Image and PR. Accurate wording and immaculate texts highlight a company’s market position and reflect top quality. This concerns external formats, like business reports, market studies, and grant applications, as much as it concerns internal communication with the management and staff. However, it is challenging and time-consuming to bring texts to this level, particularly for employees whose top skills lie in a different area. We discreetly and efficiently help your team write demanding texts for them to convince your target group and present your company in the best light.

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Concepts, business reports, market studies, company blogs, or crucial e-mails are just a few among many demanding text types. They must be well-structured and carefully worded to reach the target group. If your company needs crucial texts and your team lacks the necessary experience or time, our writing expert Dr. Danae Perez will happily help you with:

  • style and tone – A confident wording transmits expertise.

  • argument structure – A clear structures clarifies even the most complex content.

  • wording – Accurate words elucidate your statements.
  • corporate language – In the company’s corporate language, messages are transmitted along with values.

  • language policies – Consistently complying with language policies transmits credibility.
  • inclusive language – Language allows for the transmission of inclusive values.

  • quotations and paraphrasing  – When several stakeholders are involved, it is crucial to report with precision.

  • referencing and bibliography – Embed relevant research in your reports and studies.

  • on-the-spot suggestions – Do not waste your time finding the right wording or structure.

  • translation and adaptation – Expand your market reach with new languages or concepts.

Text types we can help you with:

Business reports pursue the aim of reporting on business results as well as presenting the company in the best light. A clear report structure with confident and succinct language achieves this.

Have your business report written

Market studies are quasi scientific texts that must meet high standards regarding content and formality. Argument structure and succinctness are just as important as accurate language.

A management summary must be concise and clear for it to enable informed decisions. Yet the art of representing as much content as possible in as little text as possible requires extensive experience.

Have your management summary written

A website is a 24/7 salesperson. That’s why it must present the company or product in the best light and follow SEO guidelines. This requires convincing language and a clear focus on the target group.

Have your copy written

E-Mails make up most of today’s everyday communication. We usually write them in a couple of minutes only. When an important, difficult, or uncomfortable message is due, however, the e-mail must be thoroughly thought-through. Employees can save a considerable amount of time when they receive discreet help with this task.

Company blogs serve the marketing strategy to bring the company public attention. This requires a kind of language and style that are adjusted to the fast pace of today’s virtual world without missing out on quality.

Have your blog articles written

Applications for grants or funding must meet the expectations of the current zeitgeist of a sector and highlight a company’s strengths. It is essential to be succinct, use the appropriate vocabulary, and to know the market’s current trends.

Have your application written

A company’s most outstanding talents usually get postgraduate degrees writing dissertations while working on the job. They often include the company in their final theses. The dissertations must follow scientific conventions regarding method, structure, and language. Yet, it is difficult to manage this while working a part-time or a full-time job, so professional support is a great advantage.

Receive expert support for your thesis

Scientific publication, such as monographs or journal articles, must meet highest standards regarding content and formality. Argument structure and coherence are just as important as cohesion and clear language.

Receive expert support for your publications

Presentations, toasts, and speeches should capture and move the audience. For companies, this means that the language must represent the company’s values. Convincing speakers need a text that comes across naturally and uses accurate rhetoric.

Have your speech written

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with another type of text. We will refer you to a specialist.

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Danae Perez is a versatile language expert with vast experience in research as well as the corporate and public sectors. She has been writing demanding texts for clients with great success for almost two decades. In addition, she has also published her own research in the area of world languages with the most renowned editorial houses, and she has extensive experience with linguistic and stylistic conventions. Danae Perez has the gift of quickly grasping the essence of a message and putting it into the right words, and her passion for language is contagious. Thanks to her experience and inspiring personality, she will be able to guide you with linguistic and factual expertise for you to produce a convincing text and achieve your goals.

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“Danae’s coaching was energetic, unconventional and yet precise, knowledgeable, well-structured. She helped me make my work a little more like that, too, with concise, regular feedback and a constantly open mind. Danae became one of my main mentors, who always generously shared her insight on the academic system and university career trajectories. A teacher and mentor of Danae’s caliber is hard to come by and yet central to the forging of careers, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Sabrina Stallone, University of Bern

“Danae is sharp, inquisitive, and an exceptionally clear writer and communicator who gets things done. She has a wealth of experience to draw on from both academia and the business world – research, data analysis, teaching, writing, editing, she does it all (and in several languages!). With her cross-cultural expertise and deep understanding of how language works, she will surely be able to help you meet your communication goals.”

Marivic Lesho, Hypergiant

“I had to write a text at work under time pressure and asked Danae to polish my text. Danae structured the text and gave it a self-confident and competent tone. She knew exactly what to do and was very quick. I warmly recommend her experience.”

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