Dr. Danae Perez

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Danae is a versatile communications expert with an extraordinary affinity for language. She is an established specialist for effective and intercultural communication. In addition to her teaching activities, Danae has been enabling communication for corporate, official, and private clients for almost two decades. She has the ability to solve even the most difficult linguistic challenge with a real solution that ensures communication flows. At Anaphora, Danae offers top language services and communications consulting, writes demanding texts, and leads seminars. Her working languages are English, German, and Spanish, and her multilingualism ensures messages reach their target group even beyond the immediate context.


Danae has broad teaching experience. Right after Highschool, she mostly taught individuals and small groups, while today, she has over a decade’s experience of teaching adults at the tertiary level and in professional contexts. She is a gifted facilitator of complex content and capable of naturally managing large audiences.

Danae holds a PhD in linguistics and social anthropology. She specializes in multilingualism and in the interplay of language and culture. Her research expertise constitutes the scientific backbone of her consulting and enables her to quickly understand, analyze, and resolve communicative challenges with highest precision. Thanks to her scientific activities, Danae has extensive experience in dealing with experts.

Danae has broad publication experience as an author and an editor. She has published two dozen scientific publications in different formats, and she has worked for international publishers as an editorial assistant and editor. She knows the peer-review and publication process from several perspectives and is familiar with different style conventions.

Danae is not only multilingual but also truly multicultural. She has lived in several cultures and knows the challenges of successful intercultural communication from different angles. Her multilingual skills and international experience help her understand needs, messages, and hurdles for her to develop respectful, viable solutions.

Danae has been providing language services and consulting for corporate clients two decades. In her work, she is always focused on results and on the development of skills and solutions that efficiently enhance performance and will bring the desired effect. This includes the development of targeted templates as much as it concerns the development of skilled teams. Her focus lies on targeted and intercultural communication. Danae’s versatility and multilingualism provide her with an unusually comprehensive perspective.

Career Path

At Anaphora, Danae advises and supports corporate, official, and private clients in their internal and external communication. Among other tasks, she defines the corporate wording, develops targeted templates, writes readable texts on demanding content, and leads in-house workshops on report and application writing and intercultural communication.

Danae teaches courses in linguistics and scientific methodology, and she train students and professionals in academic and corporate communication in English and German. She is am currently developing the communication curricula for the new BSc in Data Science at the School of Engineering.

As a research associate, Danae interviewed top candidates and conducted market studies in the financial sector (in English, German, and French) together with local and international teams. Within the company, she also provided communication advisory and translations to colleagues.

As a postdoctoral research fellow at the English Department, Danae conducted research on World and Creole Languages and taught courses in English linguistics, World Englishes, language contact, and linguistic typology. As part of her position, she also supervised final exams for future Highschool teachers (Lehramt Sek II). Prior to this assignment, Danae was a doctoral researcher and assistant and taught courses in Iberoromance linguistics, historical linguistics, and sociolinguistics.

During the course of a year, Danae joined Prof. Eeva Sippola’s team at the Institute for Postcolonial Language Studies to focus on her research on Spanish-based creole languages. The stay was fully funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Areas of Expertise

Impressions of Dr. Danae Perez

“I have known Danae for many years, and we have worked together in different contexts. She is an outstandingly versatile communicator who knows how to address a demanding international audience in her speeches and in her texts. That’s why I wanted her to take care of the texts for our new website, which she wrote beautifully in two languages.”

Granite Group AG logoGalina Sato, CEO Granite Group

“I had to write a text at work under time pressure and asked Danae to polish my text. Danae structured the text and gave it a self-confident and competent tone. She knew exactly what to do and was very quick. I warmly recommend her experience.”

ZHAW LogoNatalia Jordi, ZHAW Instructor

“Anaphora helped us formulate specific texts and identify client benefits in comparison to our competitors. This enabled us to convince our client more quickly of our services and ultimately win them. Thank you Dr. Danae Perez!”

ARTEK AG logoBilâl Tahris, CEO ARTEK AG

“Danae completely understood the brief and fed back quicker than the timescale agreed. I would not hesitate to use her services again. Very professional and extremely easy to work with.”

HammersmithLondon logoArun Sondhi, HammersmithLondon

“Danae is sharp, inquisitive, and an exceptionally clear writer and communicator who gets things done. She has a wealth of experience to draw on from both academia and the business world – research, data analysis, teaching, writing, editing, she does it all (and in several languages!). With her cross-cultural expertise and deep understanding of how language works, she will surely be able to help you meet your communication goals.”

Hypergiant LogoMarivic Lesho, Hypergiant

“Danae’s teaching was energetic, unconventional and yet precise, knowledgeable, well-structured. She helped me make my work a little more like that, too, with concise, regular feedback and a constantly open mind. Danae became one of my main mentors, who always generously shared her insight on the academic system and university career trajectories. A teacher and mentor of Danae’s caliber is hard to come by and yet central to the forging of careers, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Universität Bern logoSabrina Stallone, University of Bern

“Danae is innovative, curious, and she helps disentangle difficult questions as if it were something easy to do! She is passionate, trustworthy, highly competent, and she performs well in interdisciplinary research projects. Danae has published relevant and innovative articles on under-researched topics that brought new views to long-established approaches and methods. She is, without a doubt, an inspiration for the field of linguistics.”

University of Britih Columbia logoMarie-Eve Bouchard, University of British Columbia

“The follow-up of the course ‘report writing for social workers’ with Danae Perez was an enrichment for our consultants. She understood our organization well and adjusted her expert input to our internal templates. Astonishing, how refreshing an instruction to writing better can be!”

Canton of Aargau logoTatjana Lambrinoudakis, Canton of Aargau - AWA

“I experienced the participants as committed and interested. You did it exactly in accordance with our ‘gusto’ – lively, direct, committed. Thank you again. I am also confident that your suggestions and feedback will have long-lasting effects – I have already received a report for review by one of the participants who is on my team and – wow – she has excellently implemented what she had learned! So, Danae, thank you again and I will definitely recommend you on every opportunity I get!”

Logo Terra Vecchia logoJacqueline Bachmann, Terra Vecchia

“Your friendly and motivating way of transmitting knowledge to a group is truly admirable. By means of many examples from practice that you include in your course and explain, the knowledge learned can be effectively by applied in everyday tasks. Thanks to your courses, it becomes possible to meet the high demands of writing texts for administrative bodies. Thank you very much.”

Lukas Amsler, Coachee

“As a craftsman, writing is not my favorite task. But Danae Perez managed to convey this topic with so much drive and energy that it was really a lot of fun. Thank you very much for your valuable and practical writing tips.”

André Andermatt, Coachee

“Ms. Perez organized the two course parts very well and actively. She knows how to take participants on a journey of meaningful and appropriate writing. I would recommend Ms. Perez in every case . She says clearly to boil your idea or your note down to the point. Be concise, informative, succinct, and express yourself well to make every word count.”

Werner Heller, Coachee

“I personally liked very much that Danae showed resp explained why things are the way they are, like ‘modal verbs modify the verb’. As a participants, it became easier for me to understand and apply the knowledge. In addition, Danae’s mental flexibility is impressive. Danae answers questions quickly or reformulates a sentence that needs improvement in no time.”

Anonymus, Coachee

“Thanks to her humorous and congenial nature, Ms. Perez could transmit the content in an intelligible and clear way. For me personally, the training an enrichement!!”

Céline Kaufmann, Coachee

“From Danae Perez I learned: It takes practice to write short, crisp, to the point, informative, factual, fair, and truthfully written reports.”

Gabriela Rufener, Coachee

“Ms. Perez transmitted a relaxed way of dealing with written reports. She has allowed me to rediscover the love of language – THANK YOU!”

Regina Hafen, Coachee

“Danae Perez conveys in-depth expertise in a practice-oriented, vivid, inspiring and extremely lively way; long-term effect guaranteed!”

Barbara Michel, Coachee

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